What’s That Sound? A Ghostbuster HVAC Adventure

Do you hear screeching noises in your home? Has consistent banging woken you up at three in the morning for a week straight? Maybe you heard hissing sounds coming from inside a closet. What’s that sound? Is it a witch scratching the walls, or a ghost knocking on your door begging to come in, or a snake ready to trap its next meal?

No one likes to hear strange noises, especially when they are happening inside your home. But maybe there are plausible explanations for these strange sounds. When was the last time your HVAC system was inspected or maintained? This could very well be the source of these horrid sounds. Let’s go on a ghostbuster HVAC adventure and figure out what that sound is!

Squealing or Screeching

Before your desperate mind tries to say it’s a squealing pig inside your home or a trapped witch, those squealing and screeching sounds can be coming from your furnace. They can be a sign of a bad fan belt in the blower. If that’s the case, the belt needs to be replaced. Maybe the motor needs to be lubricated. Call the professionals to handle that slippery situation.

Rattling, Clanking, or Banging Inside the House

During your ghostbuster HVAC adventure, you might be happy to realize that these sounds are related to the furnace’s blower assembly or motor. Either something is loose or broken. If you hear even louder banging sounds when the blower is running, something is definitely broken or disconnected. Although this isn’t good news, it’s better than an unrestful spirit asking to be invited into your home.


Before you start to freak out about the hissing sounds, there can very well be two solid explanations. The hissing noises can either be coming from your AC compressor or your furnace. If it’s coming from the AC compressor, this sound can mean that there is an internal refrigerant leak or that there is dangerously high internal pressure. Disconnect the power immediately.

If the hissing sound is coming from the furnace, it is most likely a leaking air duct. This will require professional repairs.

High-Pitched Whistling or Screaming

No one wants to hear whistling or screaming when they are alone at home…before you call the real ghostbusters, check to see if these sounds are coming from your AC compressor. If they are, consider this your warning and turn the electric power off immediately.

There are many reasons your AC compressor might be making these sounds, such as that the refrigerant pressure is dangerously high, that your compressor is failing, or that there is an internal leak.

What’s That Sound? Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating Is On The Way!

If you don’t want to do this ghostbuster HVAC adventure on your own, our team will join you! We’ll help you get to the bottom of those sounds and provide a timely solution. Then, you can rest in a quiet and peaceful home once again. If your HVAC system needs a repair, a replacement, or regular maintenance, Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating is only a call away!

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