What Does Air Conditioning Do to Your Body?

Your air conditioning unit is a lifesaver during the hot, Texa summers. However, your home needs to be properly ventilated too. Although AC units are one of the many blessings that were created, your body can also suffer some side effects from them. Too much of something is never good, even if it is AC. Let’s go over some of the effects air conditioning has on your body, so you can be aware of them and prepare a solution for them. However, it’s not all bad. We will also go over all the good things it can do for you too, other than keep you cool.

Dries Out Your Eyes

It’s never a good idea to blast your AC unit, for the sake of your money. However, it can also impact your eyes too. If you blast AC in a room, to the point where there is no humidity left in it, your eyes can get dried out. This causes itchiness and can even make your vision blurry. No one wants to deal with irritated eyes…no matter how hot it is.

Dehydrates You 

Make sure you have a glass of water near you in an air-conditioned room. That’s right, even if you are cool, it’s important to always be drinking water. Air conditioners suck moisture out of a room, and this can pull from your skin, which dries it and you out. You can’t just take, there’s always something to give. So, if you want a cool room during the summertime, drink up, your body will need it.

Creates Headaches

If your air conditioning is dirty or not properly maintained, it can increase your chances of getting headaches or even migraines. Contaminates are released and circulated in the air, which irritate your nerves. These irritations manifest themselves as headaches. That’s why it is crucial to change your air filters at least once every three months. 

Boosts Metabolism

Air conditioning can also have a lot of positive effects on your body when it’s moderated and properly maintained. It may help you lose weight. Studies show that more time in cold weather can help lose weight. This is because your body may develop a greater amount of healthy, energy-burning “brown fat,” as it deals with more frigid air.

Helps You Think

Air conditioning increases your comfort levels in the summer, which therefore results in keeping your mind clear and helping you think. So, if you want to increase your work performance or focus, air conditioning may be the solution during these hot summer months.

Reduces Possibility of Asthma Attacks

According to Mayo Clinic, running the AC reduces the amount of pollen, mold, mildew, and other airborne outdoor allergens that can lead to asthma symptoms. It also lowers your exposure to indoor contaminants, such as dust mites. This can only happen if your air filters are properly maintained and changed regularly.

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