Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Is Giving Out This Summer

Your worst nightmare might be right around the corner. It’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit here in Texas, and your air conditioning system isn’t working efficiently. Maybe it’s leaking or maybe it’s blowing warm air out. Whatever the case may be, Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating has you covered. Our team is readily available to fix your AC, so you don’t have to face this intense heat on your own. It’s important to catch the issues as early as possible, so we are going over two of the most common signs to keep an eye out for.

Your AC Blows Out Warm Air

People turn on their AC to circulate cool air in their homes, not warm air. If you place your hand near the vent and you feel warm air, or if you notice that your place isn’t cooling down, then this is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your air conditioning system. 

Low Refrigerant Levels

Your AC’s refrigerant levels might be low. Due to this, there might be a refrigerant leak in your system! The air conditioner will continue to run and try to cool your home or business to the set temperature on the thermostat, but to no avail. 

Dirty Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are a crucial component of your air conditioning system. They need to be kept clean so they can work to keep your unit functioning properly. If the coil is covered in dirt and debris, this will inhibit the system from blowing cool air.

Thermostat Is Set Incorrectly

This might be a little silly, but a reason your system might be blowing warm air could be that your thermostat is set to “heat.” The switch could have accidentally been bumped by you or your children. The next thing to check is that your thermostat’s fan settings aren’t set to “on,” or that you didn’t accidentally turn on the AC’s fan instead of the actual air conditioner. Your system will blow around warm air when your air conditioner isn’t on. 

Air Conditioning System Is Leaking

Did you feel drips on your head after standing under an AC vent? That can be a terrifying experience, especially if this happens during a hot Texas summer! There can be many reasons your air conditioner is leaking, some more serious than others.

If you notice condensation or leaks from your bathroom vent after you shower, this is normal and there’s no need to worry. The warm air from the shower is meeting the cool air from the vent which is forming the condensation. However, if you notice a good amount of water near the vent, then we recommend getting the unit inspected.

Another reason you are noticing leaks can be that the condensate drain line is clogged. Dirt, dust, and other types of debris build up over time. You may also be dealing with a dirty air filter. We recommend switching it out every 3 months to ensure your system works properly.

Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating Is Reliable and Fast

If you notice that your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, get in touch with our team today! We will inspect your system and determine the best course of action.

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