5 Easy Ways Pet Owners Maintain Their Air Conditioner

Being a proud pet owner is not easy. It’s like raising a child– your furry pet requires constant attention and care, and they are not inexpensive. They can also influence your energy bills and how well your air conditioner works. Maybe that’s not something you have given much thought to, but it’s time to address the matter. 

Your pet can take a big toll on your air conditioner. Its dander can clog up the system and cause all sorts of problems. Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating has listed some ways pet owners can maintain their air conditioner and ensure that it works efficiently.

Change Air Filter Regularly

Air filters should be changed at least once every three months. However, pet owners should change them once a month, or once every two months. We recommend checking the filter after the 30-day mark. If it’s dirty, switch it out before waiting until the next month. Every pet and household is different, so it’s hard to guess how much fur your pet releases and how it will impact your system individually. That’s why keeping an eye on the filters regularly is a must. When the air filters are clogged, your air conditioner needs to work harder to release cool air into your home.

Vacuuming Is Key for Pet Owners

You may already be best friends with your vacuum, but it’s time to build your bond even more.  Vacuum your home once or twice a week, depending on the amount of fur your pet releases. This fur can be stirred up and in the air just by simply walking past it. It won’t be long till that fur ends up in your ac unit and clogs it up if you don’t vacuum regularly.

Protect Your Outdoor Air Conditioner

Does your pet love soaking in the sun? If so, it might spend a lot of time in your backyard. If that’s the case, Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating recommends securing your outdoor air conditioner. You don’t want your pet’s fur to clog it up or your pet’s territorial pee to mess it up either. Simply invest in a small fence to keep the unit off-limits.

Clean the Air Ducts

Air ducts need to be cleaned every three to five years, but with furry friends running around, it might need to be sooner. Your air ducts will recirculate your pet’s fur and dander around your home. This air is not healthy to breathe in. Get your air ducts cleaned regularly. Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating can take a look, and recommend how often the ducts should be cleaned. We will also take care of that for you, for you need the right tools and expertise to clean them properly.

Groom Your Pet

Even if it’s just simply running a brush through your pet’s hair on a daily basis, it makes a big difference. You reduce the amount of shedding. The more fur you throw out, the less of it that will get into your air conditioner and circulate around your home.

Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating Is Here For You

If you want some more tips for maintaining your HVAC system, or it needs an inspection, give Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating a call today. We provide HVAC inspections, repairs, replacements, and maintenance in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Let us know how we can assist you best!

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