Cheap Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

Fall and winter are quickly approaching, and some have already started using their heaters to combat the cold weather. Heating your home during the winter is costly, and electric bills can add up quickly. Here are a few of our favorite cost-effective tips for keeping warm on a budget.

Move your Furniture

Furniture can block air from effectively filling the room if placed too close to vents. Not only does this make your heater less effective, but it can also cost you more to heat your home. Get the most out of your heating by moving furniture away from the vents and letting the warm air disperse better.

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Take Advantage of Shower Steam

Winter air is usually more dry than the warm, humid summer months. You can easily combat this and give your home some extra warmth by skipping out on the exhaust fan when you shower. Instead, showed with the bathroom door or cracked. This keeps the steam from building up in the bathroom while adding some heat and humidity to your home. Be sure to alert roommates or family members beforehand so they don’t accidentally walk in while you’re showering.

Open the Curtains

If you have curtains or blinds that block sunlight, you could be missing out on natural heat from the sun. Open your curtains during the day and take advantage of this free heat source. You can even use sunlight to replace indoor lights during the day, which can save you more on electricity.

Minimize Outdoor Air

Cold air from outside can get sucked into your home through open doors and windows, so try to keep them closed as much as possible. Inspect your windows for any places that don’t completely shut, and try to fill the gaps. If air is seeping in underneath doors, use a towel or blanket on the inside of the door. You can also install a door sweep,which costs very little and does the same job. 

Use the Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, use it to warm your home during the winter. This helps your heater out and reduces electricity usage, and who doesn’t love relaxing by the fire when it’s cold out? This does come with the cost of firewood, but it won’t cost as much as running your heater all day.

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