Can the HVAC Industry Benefit from Carbon Pricing?

Here at Ellis AC, we’re always considering the environmental impacts of our work. The HVAC repairs, maintenance, and replacements we provide all help to reduce your energy usage so you can cool your home with greater efficiency. 

Support for carbon pricing has recently gone up, and many HVAC professionals are wondering how their businesses might be impacted. The truth is that carbon pricing could bring a number of benefits to the HVAC industry, including the opportunity to work towards a more sustainable future for our planet.

How the HVAC Industry Helps the Environment

The HVAC industry has been working with Congress, as well as the US Department of Energy, to create minimum efficiency standards for heating and cooling systems since the 1970’s. These standards make it illegal to make and distribute HVAC systems that don’t meet a certain level of efficiency. During the 1990’s, the industry has worked to identify refrigerants that harm the ozone layer and remove them from HVAC products. Not only are these changes beneficial to HVAC companies, but they’ve played a crucial role in making the industry more sustainable.

Carbon Pricing Explained

Carbon pricing is an emissions reducing method that’s most recently been proposed in the Energy Independence and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA), also known as H.R. 763. The goal of carbon pricing is to reduce carbon emissions from the biggest polluters, typically large corporations, by putting a price on carbon emissions. Carbon pricing reflects the true cost of unsustainable resources and business practices and promotes a shift towards renewable alternatives. The collected payments will then be distributed as a monthly dividend to U.S residents to help pay the high initial cost of renewable energy systems.

How Carbon Pricing can Benefit the HVAC Industry

Sales of high efficiency HVAC system have gone up in recent years, but consumers still prefer more affordable minimum efficiency systems. Carbon pricing and monthly dividends can help incentivize consumers to go for more efficient systems. This doesn’t just mean higher sales for HVAC companies. It means the market will be able to move away from unsustainable energy, which is currently the most affordable option. According to the Citizens Climate Lobby, an astounding 76 percent of U.S. residents would receive enough from monthly dividends to cover the costs of renewable energy. Carbon pricing would benefit 86 percent of U.S. citizens in lower income households, as opposed to the 15 percent of high income citizens who benefit more from the continued use of non-renewable energy. 

Quality HVAC Services with Ellis AC

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