How to Take Care of Your HVAC System During Halloween Season

So your friends have nominated you as the host for this year’s Halloween party, or maybe you nominated yourself. Whatever the case may be, pressure is on. It’s time to make your home the spookiest house on the block this Halloween season. From corpses reaching out of the ground to goblins in your garden, you have a full house of monsters.

With all of the decorations coming out and the amazing deals you are finding, you might get a little carried away. Have you decorated almost every corner of your home, indoors and outdoors? Well, maybe it’s time to think about the placing of some of those decorations. Don’t jeopardize your HVAC system during this Halloween season. Here are some tips for protecting your HVAC, while still being the scariest house on the block.

Do NOT Decorate Your Unit

Does it feel like your HVAC unit is just wasting space inside and outside your home and you want to spook it up a bit so it fits the theme? Although this might be tempting, we highly discourage you to do that. If any of the decorations get stuck inside the system, they might cause major problems. Your unit’s internal components are jeopardized. So stay away from adding artificial cotton webs, fragments of cloth or paper from ghost decorations, or any other spooky decoration to your HVAC unit.

Do NOT Block Indoor Air Vents

Keep decorations away from the air vents in your home. When you place too many decorations on or around the vents, you obstruct airflow. This will cause problems with your HVAC system’s operation. When air vents are clogged, your HVAC system needs to work harder and it ends up losing its efficiency and effectiveness.

Beware of Flammable Decorations

Halloween season definitely brings out a lot of crazy, smoking decorations, but some of them are actually flammable. Candles are a great way to add a spooky vibe to any Halloween party, but be sure to keep them away from heating units, air vents, or the indoor units of your furnace.

In the same sense, keep plastic decorations away from your HVAC system. It is okay to sacrifice looks instead of sacrificing your home. There is no need to add any Caspers…in fact, were not sure if they will be too friendly after that incident…

Help From the HVAC Experts

Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating is the expert to call for any HVAC help. We have great tips for maximizing the efficiency of your HVAC system during the Halloween Season, and we can take care of any maintenance or repairs. 

Remember to keep doors closed so the indoor air stays in and you do not battle with high electricity bills. We recommend getting your HVAC system checked before your Halloween party to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. That way, you and your guests can enjoy the comfort of your home…even if they are getting stared down by the skeleton in the corner….

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