Why Spring is A Great Time to Have Your AC Unit Cleaned and Inspected

Spring is the perfect time to call for cleaning and inspection services for your HVAC system. We can’t test AC units if the outdoor temperature is below 60 degrees, and the summer heat can put stress on your HVAC system. You’ll probably be using your air conditioning a lot over the summer months, so it’s important to have your system cleaned and inspected before you start blasting the AC. Here’s everything you need to know about spring HVAC cleaning and inspections. 

If you need your HVAC system cleaned or inspected before the summer heat sets in, call Ellis AC. We’ll give you top-notch HVAC services at a price you can afford, and our crew will take the time to educate you on HVAC maintenance so you can avoid expensive repairs in the future. Call or visit our website today to request a free quote.

Why Regular Cleaning and Inspections are Important

If your HVAC system is damaged, it’s important to know right away. A damaged system will be constantly running and working harder to cool your home, which will raise your electric bill and cause further damage to the system. To avoid this, we recommend having an inspection done 1-2 times a year. Regular inspections will help you stay aware of any issues with your HVAC, and it’ll allow you to have those problems fixed before they cause even bigger issues.

What Happens During an Inspection?

When performing inspections, we’ll start with examining the home. We’ll run your heating and cooling system to make sure air is being released at the right temperatures, and we’ll check your filters and air ducts to make sure there isn’t any buildup. If there is, we’ll take care of it so you can have the best cooling and the highest air quality possible. Our outdoor inspection involves visually checking the HVAC system and its pipes for damage. We’ll notify you of any damages we find, and we’ll give you a quote on the repair cost. 

How You can do Your Part

Regularly check and clean your vents of any dust so your AC system isn’t working harder than it needs to, and make sure your HVAC system isn’t being covered by trees, vines, bushes, or anything else that could block it from getting the airflow it needs. Learn how and when to change your filters, and call Ellis AC if you have any questions or concerns about your HVAC system. We’re always happy to help!

Thorough Cleaning and Inspections With Ellis AC

At Ellis AC, we do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable in your home. If your AC isn’t cooling effectively, or if your air quality causing health issues, we’re dedicated to finding and fixing the source of those issues. When we service your HVAC system, we’ll also take the time to educate you on keeping your HVAC system healthy. If you’re in need of cleaning, inspection, repair, or replacement services, call Ellis AC today. We look forward to serving you!

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