The Most Important Tips for Maximizing AC Efficiency When Working from Home 

Many businesses are allowing their employees to work from home nowadays, which allows room for flexibility and fewer gas expenses. You might be enjoying that extra time in your hands, but every good thing has a downside. Working from home can significantly increase your energy bills. You may be turning on more lights, you may spend more time in the kitchen cooking, or you may have the air conditioning unit on more than usual. This can significantly increase your electricity bills, especially in the summer months. Luckily for you, Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating has tips for maximizing AC efficiency.

Change Air Filters Regularly

You need to change air filters once every three months unless you have pets. Then, we recommend changing the filter every month. Pets can release a lot of dander, which clogs up the ac unit. Other dust, contaminants, fur, and other particles roam around your home daily, so you want to change the filters regularly to keep the air clean. Additionally, your HVAC unit needs to work harder to pump out air when it’s clogged. This increases the amount of energy that is used, which increases your electricity bill. 

Prioritize Cleaning

A home gets dirty even when no one is there. Now imagine how dirty it can get when you spend most of your time there. Dust is something that will always be around, no matter how much we clean. However, we can significantly reduce the amount of it by cleaning regularly. If you use a vacuum, change the filter regularly and vacuum once or twice a week. If you are more of a mop and broom kind of person, we recommend doing this twice a week too. Keep your work environment healthy and comfortable by dusting your desk, chair, and anything else you use.

Use a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are underrated. However, they are so useful, especially in the summertime. They are much less expensive than AC units, and they provide a cool environment. The ceiling fan provides circulation which cools down the room. We recommend using it only in the room that you are currently working in, to keep electricity bills low. When you are done using the room, don’t forget to turn the fan off.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat is a smart move. These thermostats allow you to set temperatures for various times throughout the day and it will automatically lower the temperature for you. This allows you to manage your cooling without consistently hovering over the dial. 

Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating Has Your Back

Our tips for maximizing AC efficiency are just a start. To ensure your HVAC works properly, schedule regular inspections with our team. We will make sure that everything is working properly, and will catch any issues before they become expensive problems. If you notice a decrease in AC efficiency, give us a call. Your unit may need a repair or replacement. Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating is ready to help you save money with an efficient HVAC system.

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