Safety Tips for Working in Your Home’s Attic

Most homeowners dread the day they’ll have to climb into their attic. Not only are most attics cramped, but they can be hot, humid, and even dangerous to spend a long time in. If you have to venture into your attic, here are a few ways you can keep yourself safe and healthy.

Make Sure The Attic is Secure

When you pull down your attic stairs, test your weight on them to make sure they can still support your climb. Over time, attic stairs are notorious for becoming flimsy and unreliable. Once you’re in the attic, stick to the visible walkway or main trusses. Insulation beds won’t be able to support your weight, so don’t take the risk. If you feel like any part of your attic isn’t secured, climb back down or avoid that area while you work.

Wear Eye, Skin and Breathing Protection

Attics don’t typically have well-regulated air quality, so make sure to wear something you can breathe through to filter out all the nasties. Wear protection on your eyes as well so you can stay safe from debris, particles, and irritants. Lastly, put on protective clothing before you make the climb. You never know where you’ll encounter a large splinter or a rogue nail, so put on thick clothes, gloves, and maybe even pads for your knees and elbows.

Avoid Wiring

Wiring isn’t always neatly tucked away in attics. In fact, your wiring might be scattered all over the attic with no organization. When doing repair work in your attic, always keep an eye out for wires. Before you start hammering any nails or drilling any screws, make sure you aren’t going to hit or damage any wiring in the process.

Protect Yourself From the Heat

Attics can be extremely hot and humid, especially in the summertime. When working in your attic, give yourself extra time to take breaks. Regularly leave the attic, drink lots of water, and make sure you’re feeling okay. If the heat starts to exhaust you, call it a day and finish the work tomorrow. If you have friends or family who can help you, have them waiting at the bottom of the attic stairs so you can tag them in when you start to feel the heat. Don’t forget to start working early in the day when it’s cooler outside, and don’t skip out on breakfast before you get to work.

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