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Residential Air Conditioning And Heating

Home Duct Air Handler Replacement

Duct work is typically the last thing anyone thinks about when it comes to servicing their HVAC system. Air ducts are an important part of your home’s ventilation; without them, your HVAC system wouldn’t be capable of carrying air from room to room.

Although often forgotten about (due to their typically hidden placement), your air ducts also need attention, maintenance, repairs, and even replacement from time to time. But how do you know when it’s time to replace them?

Commercial Air Conditioning And Heating

Restaurant HVAC Installation

There are many similarities among HVAC systems and equipment, but there is no absolute solution for every HVAC application. This is especially true when designing, planning and installing HVAC systems for restaurants and other food-service businesses.

The unique and often contaminated environment, the temperature demands and the need for plentiful ventilation mean that typical HVAC systems will not work well for heating and cooling a commercial business where food is prepared and sold or stored.

Residential Air Conditioning And Heating

Residential A/C Unit Replacement

Maybe your old central air conditioner has stopped working, and you think you need a replacement.  Maybe you want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient or environmentally-friendly system. Maybe you’re not sure what to do.

Whatever the reason you’re considering a new air conditioner or furnace, Ellis AC is here to help. With trained installers and licensed technicians we get the job done.

Non-Profit Air Conditioning And Heating

Complete Church Renovation

Identifying the appropriate HVAC system raises specific issues not present with other commercial installations. Getting it right means identifying the factors that make a church HVAC system different and determining how to best meet those needs.

Comfort control is always a goal in structures that host large numbers of people. However, efficiency and low costs are also a priority in installations for nonprofit organizations such as churches.

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