Prepare Your AC Unit For Winter

Fall is officially here. The temperatures are dropping day by day, and winter is approaching. Now that winter is almost here, it is time to winterize your ac unit and heater. Before the temperatures drop even colder, use these tips to prepare your ac unit for winter as best as possible. 

Your ac unit and heater can last you for years to come if you perform the proper maintenance. Prepare your ac unit for winter to help increase its overall lifespan and to improve its function when you need it next summer.  These tricks will also help your heater warm your home more efficiently this winter. 

Make Sure All Gaps Are Filled

This isn’t directly related to the function of your heater or ac unit, but it will help keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Make sure there are no gaps in your home. Recaulk around your window treatments, and make sure there’s no draft around the other entrances around each door. 

Make sure you check for other gaps around the foundation, water spigot, and any other potential openings. Call a professional or pick up a calking kit at your local hardware store. You should also look at installing draft snakes to keep warm air inside in the winter, and to help keep warm air out in the summer.

Change The Filter

Odds are that it is time to clean or replace your filter. Air filters collect all kinds of allergens that can decrease the quality of the air you breathe in your home. If you have been seeing more dust in your home or if your allergies have worsened, your air filter could be to blame. 

While you are changing out your filter, go ahead and clean your vents as well. Dusty vents will not help you in any way. Like a dirty filter, dirty vents will cause similar problems. You can always call a professional if you need help or are too busy to do this yourself. 

Check Fluid Levels

Like a car, it is important to make sure your ac unit and heater have all the necessary fluids to operate properly. This is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your ac unit for winter. Make sure the parts that need to move have plenty of lubrication and make sure there is enough coolant in your ac unit as well. 

Run Your Heater

Make sure you run your heater before it gets too cold. If for some reason it doesn’t run or run as it’s supposed to, or if it doesn’t heat your home, call a professional. It is always a good idea to make sure your heater is working properly before you really need it. If you perform this trial-and-error test, you have time to get your heater working again. Prepare for winter by making sure you are ready to keep yourself warm with a working furnace.

Clean The Unit Of All Debris

Last but not least, prepare your ac unit for winter by making sure the leaves from fall are cleared away. Give your ac unit and heater room for plenty of air circulation. Grab your rake and clear the area, and get a cleaning rag to clear the dust from the units.

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