HVAC Maintenance to Improve Asthma Symptoms

Indoor air quality is an important part of keeping your family healthy. Poor air quality can worsen allergies, weaken your immune system, and make respiratory illnesses like asthma worse. Treatment plans and regular doctor visits are key for keeping asthma at bay, but HVAC improvements can help reduce symptoms of the disorder. If anyone in your family has asthma or similar health issues, here are a few things you can do to adjust your indoor air quality and improve symptoms.

Change and Upgrade Your Filter

Air filters are a part of your HVAC system designed to filter pollutants like pollen, dust, dander and pet fur out of the air before it gets released into your home. You should check on your filter at least once a month with a visual inspection. Hold the filter up to the light. If you can’t see through the filter, it’s time to replace it. Air filter quality is measured with MERV ratings. Anything with a MERV rating of 9-16 can filter out much smaller pollutants than lower rated filters, and might be better for the people with asthma in your home.

Adjust Humidity Levels

High humidity is a common asthma trigger. You can reduce your humidity by opening windows, moving indoor plants outside, turning on the fan when you shower, or investing in a smart thermometer. Smart thermometers usually display the humidity and the temperature, and some will allow you to adjust your indoor humidity. The summer months are typically when your indoor humidity will spike, and indoor humidity is usually the lowest during fall and winter.

Increase Your Home’s Airflow

Stagnant air is another common asthma trigger, which is why ventilation is great for improving asthma symptoms. Try opening windows or keeping fans running throughout the home. The exhaust fan in your kitchen is another way to keep air flowing in your kitchen. Airflow is especially important if you’ve made any recent renovations to the home, since strong fumes and dust can worsen asthma symptoms. 

Avoid Strong Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a great way to keep your home smelling nice and fresh, but they can cause problems for people with asthma. Not only can strong scents make symptoms worse, but the smell of air fresheners masks other important smells. For example, you could miss a problem with your HVAC system because you didn’t notice it was emitting a smell right away. It’s best to catch and repair HVAC issues right away, or else they could cause bigger problems and worsen asthma symptoms. Try to avoid air fresheners, or only get ones that don’t have a very strong smell.

HVAC Maintenance and Repairs with Ellis AC

If you’re trying to improve your indoor air quality, Ellis AC can help. We offer top-notch HVAC maintenance, repairs, and replacements with high client satisfaction, all at a reasonable price. Our experienced HVAC technicians are dedicated to helping you improve your health by improving your air quality. Call or visit our website for a free quote today!

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