How Your HVAC System Can Influence Respiratory Illnesses

If you or someone you love has symptoms related to a respiratory illness, you probably already know how difficult life can be when trying to keep the air around you clean and free of any potential irritants or allergens. While there is no easy way to completely filter out everything from the air before it enters your home, there are several ways to effectively relieve symptoms when it comes to your HVAC system. At Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating in Dallas, TX, our team of experienced HVAC technicians understands just how important clean air can be when it comes to peace of mind and quality of life inside a home.

One of the biggest steps you will likely try to take is to create the perfect environment in your home to minimize the chance of worsening the condition. To increase awareness about the relationship between HVAC systems and respiratory concerns at home, we wanted to take the time to provide some useful tips on how to minimize risks related to these types of conditions.

How Unclean Air Can Affect You or Your Family

If you or someone you love is showing signs of sickness, or the frequency of symptoms such as coughing seems to be increasing while they’re at home, then there is a real possibility that your duct and ventilation systems could be dirty. Various contaminants and unwanted particles could be circulating in your HVAC system, and those elements can have a direct influence on conditions including asthma attacks.

The best way to address this problem is to be sure that a regular maintenance and cleaning appointment is scheduled for your HVAC system. Having your ducts and air circulation systems inspected and cleaned professionally regularly is the best way to prevent dust, mold, and other allergens from gathering in various areas and polluting the clean air that circulates inside your home. 

Replacement May Be Necessary

If you and your family are dealing with health repercussions from severe mold growth in your HVAC system, professional cleaning may not be enough. In this situation, replacing certain systems in your home completely can be the most effective way to fix the problem and ensure that it will not get worse in the future. Although this type of project tends to be more expensive than a normal cleaning process, it is the best way to ensure that all unwanted pollutants are removed so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the benefits of cleaner air.

Discuss the Possibility of Installing UV Lamps

While cleaning or even changing your ductwork can make a major contribution to solving problems caused by mold growth in your HVAC system, there is still a risk that your problem will occur after you finish. Fortunately, there are new solutions made possible by modern technology.

Installation of UV light in your HVAC system can have a dramatic impact on the air quality in your home and effectively disinfect the air indoors. These lights can destroy mold spores, germs and other bacterial particles that can float in the air. By integrating the UV lamp into the existing HVAC system, you can finally eliminate the need for other, cleaning devices that you might have tried to rely on.

Reach Out to the Experts at Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating in Dallas, Texas

Keeping the air as clean as possible at home can have a big impact on the frequency and severity of respiratory illnesses that you or your family experience. While cleaning out your ductworks and installing a UV lamp in your HVAC system are effective steps to take, both are difficult projects that shouldn’t be carried out without professional help. Instead of trying to ensure that everything is done correctly in a DIY project, it is best to work with a team of trained professionals so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything is done right.

As a leading name in the HVAC industry in the DFW Metroplex and beyond, our experienced team of professionals has helped home and business owners with all their heating and cooling needs for many years. Be sure to contact our team immediately so we can devise an effective plan and help you protect your home today!

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