How Will Freezing Weather Affect Your AC Unit?

Around this time of year, the temperatures in Texas begin to start making sudden and significant drops. You might be concerned about how the weather would affect your air conditioning unit. This is a pretty important appliance to have in working order around this time of year since your AC unit is likely directly connected to your home’s heating capabilities. When something happens to that AC unit, that means that you’ll be left without heat until you’re able to have repairs done. If you’re worried about your AC this winter, Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help you out!

What Freezing Weather Does To Your Cooling Unit

All air conditioners have the same restriction and capabilities when it comes to low temperatures. If the outside temperature is colder than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then your air conditioner will start to have some difficulties running the AC. The coils within the appliance will freeze, and the lubricating fluid will thicken, causing the device to malfunction and possibly even causing harm to the air conditioner. Freezing weather can harm your unit if it’s not taken care of!

The good news is that the majority of contemporary home appliances feature sensors to protect against the system running in freezing weather. Older devices without those sensors may make an attempt to run but either perform incorrectly or suffer damage as a result. The other good news is that you probably won’t be running your air conditioner very much when the weather is lower than 60 degrees anyways! However, running your AC is beneficial to air circulation and other indoor air quality aspects, so some people might elect to run their AC as long as they can.

Protecting Your AC Unit

The first precaution you should take to protect your AC unit against freezing weather is to have it inspected by a professional. When the weather starts to cool down, call Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating to have a professional come check your unit and make sure things are working properly. If any repairs need to be done to your AC Unit, it’s better to have them done before the weather freezes over completely.

When the outside weather freezes, aspects of your AC unit or HVAC system will stop working the way they should. Any gas and oil that is in your unit will begin to thicken or liquify in the cold weather, and you don’t want that happening without your knowledge! Keep a watchful eye on your AC unit, and if it’s located in an area of your property that is particularly exposed to the elements, you might want to consider shielding it with a tarp or blanket or another insulating material.

Call Ellis Air Conditioning And Heating

If you start to notice your AC unit or HVAC having issues as the weather gets colder, don’t hesitate to call Ellis Air Conditioning and Heaating for help. When something goes wrong with a system as important as your air conditioner, you’ll want to get it fixed as son as possible. Don’t risk the damage getting worse over time! Give us a call today to have a professional come out and take a look at things.

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