How To Achieve Lower Air Conditioning Bills While Working From Home

For many companies, working from home has become the new norm. Whether you work remotely one hundred percent of the time or only go into the office on certain days of the week, chances are you spend a lot more of your time at your home than you did a few years ago.

This increased time at home can also increase your energy consumption, and with that, your electricity bills. 

So what can you do to optimize your air conditioning and receive lower air conditioning bills? Our experts at Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating have a few suggestions you can combine together to fit your unique situation and preferences!

Use That Ceiling Fan

Utilizing your ceiling fan will spread all the cool air from your AC unit into the rooms of your house, keeping the areas cooler longer. Maintaining that airflow will create a more comfortable environment for you to work in without the need for more strain on your home’s AC unit. 

Capitalize On Cool Days

Every once in a while, the Texas weather cools down to a pleasant temperature. When you can, opting to open a window for some natural airflow instead of turning on your air conditioner will save you the cost of running your AC. This may not be an option during the height of the summer heat, but cool days with a nice breeze can circulate your air without turning your AC up too high- and you can always combine it with the efforts of a ceiling fan!

When the days are especially nice outside, working outdoors can be a pleasant change of pace and scenery as well as a money-saving tactic!

Keep Your Air Conditioner On Low

Running your air conditioning unit on its lowest setting and highest temperature possible (within your comfort zone) will obviously require less power from your AC. This will help you regulate your home’s interior air temperature so as not to let the air become stale or too warm- but will also keep it from working your AC unit too hard.

Minimize Direct Sunlight

Installing even thin curtains over your windows and glass doors will make a huge difference in the interior temperature of your home- and with that, the amount of work your AC needs to put into cooling the place down- by keeping the sun from heating up the air inside. Thicker, darker curtains will be most effective, but anything to shade your windows from the sun’s rays will alleviate some pressure from your AC unit.

Regular AC Maintenance

Keeping your AC unit in good condition will help it run as efficiently as possible, which will save you money since the machine won’t be working as hard to get the home cool. Cleaning out your vents, clearing the ducts, and changing your filters are all things you can do yourself on a regular basis to keep your unit running smoothly. For tougher maintenance, or to look at a problem you suspect might be plaguing your unit, call Ellis AC and Heating for an expert’s help.

Combination Is Key to Lower Air Conditioning Bills

Any of these strategies will make a small difference (or even a significant one) in your AC bills. However, for the most optimal results, we recommend combining as many of these suggestions as you can. When you spend your entire day in your home, your energy bills are bounded to increase. These suggestions- especially when used at the same time- will help compensate for your more frequent AC usage.

Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating Can Help

Call Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating if you have any questions, or need any repair work done on your air conditioning unit. If your energy expenses continue to rise after you’ve tried our suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate on any necessary repairs or replacements you might need.

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