How Does Buckingham Palace Stay Cool?

With the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II, many people are curious about her life and impact as England’s longest-reigning monarch. Buckingham Palace is one of the most recognizable symbols of the British monarchy, known for its function as Britain’s royal residence as well as what could be considered an administrative headquarters for members of the government. From its appearances in documentaries, news coverages, and movies, most people have come to recognize Buckingham Palace as the pinnacle of royal elegance. However, it might surprise you to find out all the ways that Buckingham Palace hasn’t been updated.

Does Buckingham Palace Have Air Conditioning?

The elegant palace has been a royal residence in Britain since 1761- longer than America has been around! The temperature of any building that old and that large is very difficult to manage. It might be shocking for you to hear that Buckingham Palace doesn’t have an air conditioning system like the one in your home. The 300+ years-old palace underwent renovations in 2019- the first to happen to many of the palace’s systems since the 1950s- but still, it remains completely void of air conditioning.

How Climate Affects A Building’s Temperature

Luckily for the royal family, London has a much milder climate than we’re used to here in Texas. Even during a heat wave this summer, temperatures never exceeded 72 degrees. When the outside temperature is mild or cold, the interior temperature of the building doesn’t need much help to keep it cool inside. 

Here in Texas, the summers tend to be too hot to leave our AC turned off for long, and very few buildings are meant to operate without it. Though spring and fall might bring temperatures like the Brits can enjoy all summer long, it’s probably best to ensure that your Texas home is equipped with air conditioning to be used when you need it. For help preparing your home’s AC for summer, Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating can help you out.

Cooling Large Buildings

Buckingham Palace is a huge building, and as such, it requires a lot of energy and effort to control the temperature inside. With its 760 windows and over 1500 doors, Buckingham Palace has access to a lot of natural airflow. With that mild temperature that Britain provides, leaving windows open can supply much of that missing cool air that an AC unit would normally push through a home.

Hot air also rises, so large buildings sometimes also use a technique called “stack ventilation,” which is when windows at the top of taller rooms are able to vent warm air out while keeping the cooler air inside. As a building that predates interior AC by several hundred years, Buckingham Palace has many architectural details like this built into it that are specifically designed to keep its royal residents cool. 

Cooling Your Own Personal Palace

Your home or corporate building might not be as huge or as grand as the late Queen Elizabeth’s palace, but it still deserves the royal treatment. Call Ellis Air Conditioning & Heat today to have an expert’s help to cool down your large building.

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