How Did People Survive Without Air Conditioning Units?

Air conditioning units are taken for granted nowadays until they stop working. Then, all hell breaks loose. But did you know that the first modern air conditioning unit wasn’t invented until 1902? What did people do to put up with the intense heat back then?! Especially here in Texas, it’s hard to envision a world prior to air conditioning. People back then had tricks to bear the heat, and we are here to share some of them with you in case you ever need to use them yourself!

Spent Time Outdoors

Although this seems counterintuitive to do, in the past, homes and the outdoors were the same temperatures. The perks to the outdoors were that there could be a breeze and the outdoors is generally less stuffy than an unairconditioned home. Porches were very important for homes in the past. Not only did they shade the windows, but they were a great place where people could sit outside and be out of the glare of the sun.

Took Naps

A good way people coped with the heat was to take naps during the hottest hours of the day. Have you ever been told that you can save on energy costs by turning off the AC or setting the temperature higher when you sleep? When you are resting, you are less likely to be affected by the heat. 

People in southern Spain still operate with daily siestas. They resume work after an afternoon nap and do their shopping and socialize once the sun goes down.

Went to the Movie Theatre

When air conditioning units were first invented, they were too expensive for most people to afford. One of the few places in town that could afford air conditioning was the movie theater. Therefore, you were treating yourself to a nice movie and some fresh air. As you can imagine, the movie theater was a very popular spot, especially during the hot summer days!

Homes Were Built Differently

Architects built structures differently before air conditioning units were a thing. Many buildings had high ceilings, which allowed heat to rise so that the inhabitants could enjoy cooler air below. Many homes had porches and deep eaves in order to protect windows from the sun. Rooms were built with windows on opposite sides of the space in order to allow cross ventilation. It was also common to plant trees on the east and west sides of the buildings for additional shade.

Speedy Fixes For Air Conditioning Units

As you can see, people had their own clever ways of dealing with the heat. However, dealing with a home or building that isn’t air-conditioned nowadays is not ideal. Homes are built differently, porches aren’t as common, and windows aren’t as strategically placed. There’s no need to deal with the intense heat here in Texas, without the proper AC support. 

Give Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating a call today and our crew can repair or replace your air conditioning system in no time.

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