Home Warranty AC Hangup Affects Carrollton Couple

Home warranty programs can help you mitigate the costs of repairs and part replacements but the waiting period for getting your case the attention it deserves isn’t always convenient.

Take the recent case of Carrollton couple Rickey Brown and Charles Cambon. The pair reached out to a local news station after they had to go two months without an air conditioner fix. And guess which two months those were.

We’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “Bummer.” 

When a Home Warranty AC Snafu Leads to Drastic Measures

According to NBCDFW, the couple after “a few weeks” had to take their three pets and move in with Cambon’s parents. The air conditioner went out in June and didn’t get repaired until August. 

The holdup: an administrative issue with the home warranty company that delayed the dispatch of a technician to work on the problem. Brown and Cambon acknowledged they could have had the repair work done themselves, but it would have cost $542 out-of-pocket. 

Mistakes Happen, But…

At Ellis AC, we’ve worked with home warranty companies, and we realize mistakes happen. But when those mistakes are costing you cool air during a Texas summer, well, there’s a sense of urgency there that is understandable. 

Considering the daily average temperatures from June-August for the Dallas region alone are above 90 degrees, it can even become a life-threatening situation if you have nowhere to turn. 

We don’t believe anyone should have to deal with these unexpected stumbles and oversights. This especially is true in the summertime. So, here are a couple of recommendations we offer if you find yourself in a similar situation. 

Give Us a Call

Ellis AC responds quickly to service repair calls, and we’re a company with a heart. So, getting the repair done is our utmost priority.

Get the Repair Done

When companies are under an obligation to pay for your repair, you can expect them to look at each request with a natural degree of scrutiny. They want to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed before laying out the money. 

But their due diligence — while, perhaps, necessary — does you little good in the interim. As NBCDFW notes, you should consider getting the repair done anyway and then providing your warranty company with the bill. 

Of course, before doing this, you’ll want to make sure the problem is the covered part. We can provide that information for you in the billing. If you don’t have the ability to pay upfront, we have special financing options that won’t hold up the speed of repair. 

From there, you can use the documentation to get a full reimbursement from the home warranty company once the details are sorted out. 

Your Comfort Matters

The world may not have had air conditioning 150 years ago, but we live in the 21st Century. Today, it’s a necessity. Your comfort matters to us because we know your home is your castle (and, in some cases, your workspace). We won’t keep you waiting because of an issue with your home warranty company. 

Give us a call or reach out online to today. We provide free estimates, fast response, and a helping hand all the way. 

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