Get Your Winter HVAC Maintenance in Irving, Texas

Although this winter hasn’t been nearly as cold as last year, your furnace needs as much attention. We recommend keeping your HVAC on at all times and just adjusting the thermostat accordingly. For example, don’t let your house drop under 50 degrees when you aren’t home. Program your furnace to turn on if that happens so the pipes don’t freeze or burst. And just because this winter hasn’t been as harsh, there are still 2 months left. Let’s give your HVAC maintenance in Irving, Texas, so it functions properly during these winter months. Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating has you covered!

What Does HVAC Maintenance Consist Of?

HVAC maintenance typically includes checking, cleaning, and replacing air filters, inspecting electrical components, lubricating motors and bearings, checking refrigerant levels, cleaning coils and blowers, inspecting drainage systems, testing safety controls, and performing other tasks as needed. Some of them are listed more in-depth below:

Checking Electrical Components

When inspecting electrical components in an HVAC unit, it is important to check that all wiring is properly secured, all terminals are tight, and all electrical connections are free of corrosion. It is also important to check that all circuit breakers and fuses are in good working order and that all switches and relays are functioning correctly. Additionally, all motors should be tested to ensure they are operating properly. Finally, all electrical components should be tested to ensure they are not overheating.

Checking Refrigerant Levels

When checking the refrigerant levels in an HVAC unit, we will first shut off the power to the unit. Then, we will locate the refrigerant valve and attach a refrigerant gauge to the valve. Once the gauge is attached, we open the valve and take a reading on the gauge. If the reading is below the manufacturer’s recommended level, we will need to add more refrigerant.

Inspecting Drainage Systems

Our experts check for any blockages or clogs in the drain lines, as well as for any leaks or signs of corrosion. We will also ensure the drain pan is free from debris and that there are no signs of water damage. Finally, we will ensure the drain lines are properly connected and that all fittings are tight.

Can I Maintain My Own HVAC Unit?

Although most homeowners can and should replace the air filters, there are many other parts of HVAC maintenance that you should leave to the professionals at Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating, especially if they are dangerous. These tasks include refrigerant charging, component replacement, and other potentially dangerous activities. This keeps you safe and ensures that your HVAC unit is properly cared for and its efficiency is maximized.

Let’s Protect Your HVAC System This Winter in Irving, Texas

Preventative maintenance is always key. Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating is only a call away. We service Irving, Texas, and surrounding areas. We have been providing HVAC care since 1975, and we have worked on all kinds of projects big and small. Let’s give your HVAC unit the care it deserves this winter season!

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