All About Air Purification Systems

Clean air and a great HVAC system are extremely important, and both should work hand in hand! Your HVAC already has an air filter, but how clean does it really make your air? Is a normal HVAC air filter effective in removing everything from the air that enters your home? If so, why should you have a separate air purification system for your HVAC?

Until recently, indoor air quality wasn’t a big concern for most people. Yet this benign neglect could put our health at risk. According to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside can be at minimum 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside.

It’s not only smog that threatens the safety of indoor air, it’s also mold, bacteria, and viruses. Now, with the pandemic raging around the world, it’s even more important for business owners and homeowners to do everything they can to ensure healthy indoor air within their spaces.

That’s a good reason to consider new technology that can improve indoor air quality, including an HVAC air purifier and air filtration system.

Why not just use a filter?

The pre-installed HVAC Air filter has one major disadvantage: It was designed to prevent collection of dust on the HVAC’s internal moving components and filter all incoming air to a certain degree. Beyond this, this mesh air filter cannot improve the quality or hygiene of air within your house.

While removal of dust from the home environment is ideal to prevent dust allergies and diseases such as hay fever that arise from these allergies, it is vital that your HVAC air purification system also have a filter to clean other microscopic contaminants which may lead to other diseases.

Why use an HVAC purification system? 

Here’s a list of what will be missing from your home when you install a good HVAC air purification system:

Dust mites – While a normal air filter can take care of dust mites, air purification systems do the job more thoroughly!

Bacteria and Viruses – air purification systems are designed to trap all microscopic organisms such as bacteria and viruses thus leading to cleaner, pure air.

Smoke – If you’re a smoker or you have a family member who smokes in your home, it can be detrimental to your health to inhale this smoke. An HVAC air purification system neutralizes all types of smoke – from cigarette smoke to fireplace smoke!

Odors – An air purification system helps to get rid of all odors from trash cans, stoves or even rotting fruit on your kitchen counter!

Pet Dander – Having a pet that sheds hair lowers IAQ, which is why you need an air purification system to remove pet dander from your living space.

Call Ellis AC and purify your air

An HVAC professional like those at Ellis AC can help you determine when your filters need replacing, based on your equipment and your air quality challenges. Ellis AC experts can also help you select an HVAC air purifier that is right for your home or business.

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