4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your HVAC

As the new year rolls around, most people start taking inventory of the areas of their lives that they want to improve on. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you want to read more in the upcoming new year, or go to the gym more consistently, or finish a project or two. But what about the HVAC system in your home? There are many good practices that you might not be putting into practice when it comes to your HVAC, and creating New Year’s resolutions is the perfect chance to fix that. Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating has a few tips that you should incorporate into your New Year’s resolutions this year.

Change Your Filters 

To effectively capture indoor air contaminants, you need frequently change your home’s air filters. A good practice is to change those filters every 2-3 months. Depending on your specific unit and the layout of your home, you might need to replace your filter more frequently. When did you last replace your filters? If you are unable to recall, it has probably been too long! By making it a habit to consistently change those filters, your home’s air quality will improve, your home will smell better, and your HVAC system will be able to operate more efficiently.

Clean Your Air Ducts

A similar strategy to improve the quality of the air inside your home is to periodically get your ducts cleaned. You should prioritize having cleaner indoor air for a variety of reasons: by stopping the formation of mold or even pests, it lowers your risk of contracting an airborne infection. Plus, your house will also smell better as a result. Your New Year’s resolution can make a huge difference in your home’s air quality!

Get Familiar With Sign Of Trouble

If you can catch your HVAC system’s issues before they become bigger problems, you might be able to save yourself money as well as save your HVAC from unnecessary damage. The sooner you can identify warning signs that your HVAC system requires repairs, the faster you can have the system fixed and get your home back to being comfortable. Do some research on the type of system your home has, and the most frequent issues it might come in contact with. If any of those symptoms sound familiar to your unit, contact your HVAC specialist as soon as possible!

Check Out Budget-Friendly Upgrades

With upgrades like programmable thermostats, you can directly manage the temperature of various rooms in your house based on a customized schedule. Most programmable thermostats are compatible with a phone app that allow you to control your home’s temperature even when you’re out and about. This allows your home to become more comfortable and energy-efficient while also cost-effectively saving you money.

Contact Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating For More Tips!

New Year’s resolutions require focus and intent. This winter, you’ll want to make sure your HVAC is capable of any heating and cooling you require of it. If you’re looking for more New Year’s resolutions to improve your HVAC habits, give us a call! We can come out and look at your home’s system and make sure everything is in tip-top shape so you aren’t caught off guard when you really need it. Call us today!

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