3 Reasons Your Heater Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

There are many potential reasons your heater isn’t blowing hot air, or maybe it’s just producing very little heat that isn’t enough to heat your house. Regardless, this is an issue that needs attention, especially as the coldest months of the year approach. If this is an issue you are having with your heater, call us out to take a look. Whether it is a simple or complicated fix, we can make sure your heater is ready to keep you warm this winter. Here are 3 reasons your heater isn’t blowing hot air. 

Malfunctioning Thermostat

One of the first things we look for when checking for reasons your heater isn’t blowing hot air is thermostat issues. It generally isn’t a difficult fix, and we can rule it out quickly if that’s not the issue. 

You may think that your thermostat has nothing to do with the actual function of the heater itself, so why would the heater not work if the thermostat is the problem? If your thermostat is broken, it can’t communicate with the heater to tell it when to turn on or when to shut off. 

So when your thermostat is causing you problems, it has much more to do with it than you may think. A broken thermostat could be one of the reasons your heater isn’t blowing hot air. Whatever the problem is, we can adjust it or replace it so you can be comfortable in your home again.

Clogged Or Dirty Filter

A clogged filter is another one of the main reasons your heater isn’t blowing hot air. Some may think that just an air filter wouldn’t be able to stop the flow of hot air, but it is another very common issue with an easy fix.

If your air filter is dirty enough, it can completely stop the airflow to your home. In this case, all that’s needed is a new filter and it is a good idea to clean the surrounding area too. Prevent this from becoming a persistent issue in the future by having consistent maintenance performed. We can change your filter on a schedule so you never have to worry about your heater turning cold when you need it most.

Problems With Your Pilot Light

Modern heating isn’t so different from what the cavemen used to stay warm, it’s with fire. Most modern home furnaces use gas and fire to heat your home. Your pilot light could have gone out for any number of reasons. It is a simple fix, but still one of the most common reasons your heater isn’t blowing hot air into your home.

If your gas company recently came to your home to do some work, it’s possible they temporarily shut off the gas, and this is something that would cause your pilot light to go out. As long as they aren’t there anymore and your gas is on, all you have to do is re-light the pilot light. You can easily re-light it, or call us out to help if you want help from a professional.

Call Ellis Air Conditioning & Heating

Call us at (972) 362-1501 if you need a repair or regular maintenance. If your heater isn’t blowing hot air into your home this winter, give us a call and we will come to identify the issue and solve it. Stay warm this winter, and don’t forget to schedule maintenance. Regular maintenance can eliminate these problems and extend the lifespan of your furnace. If you need to find the reasons your heater isn’t blowing hot air, give us a call. Contact us anytime with your air conditioning and heating concerns.

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